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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

You change me but I cant change you..

I'm back to blog (:
I been neglected my blog for awhile. I miss blogging so yea back to blog :P
Talk about the recent me.
Not busy but not free. Sometimes happy but gets really emo in times.
I hate to see myself getting emo tho /:
When I'm emo, I have no appetite, no mood to do anything and I will just stone there and think all sorts of rubbish -.- ISH!
I'm such an emo fuck ):
I shall start keeping myself busy so my mind have no time to think others.
Perhaps study? I should really start studying tho. SPM is coming soon, I have not much time to prepare for it /:
Oh well.. This is life, you just have to deal with everything when it comes to you.
(: *peace*

Where am I in the picture? Hmmm..
Yan Chin's house ! :P
I was at her house for these few days.
Get really close with her recently. Talk alot to her, she's a really good audience of mine (:
She's a really nice girl but she had a jerk boyfriend :X no offence..
Thats why I always say life is unfair & never perfect :P

Yan Chin !
She's sleeping :PP

Other than she is accompanying me, her dogs accompany me too (:
They are Puffy, Oakley & Winter
Cute much :P

Sorry that I do too much on talking. I'm back to blog about my outings :PP

27th of August 2010

I stayed over April's house that day and we decided to hang out since we haven't really have the time to see each other much. She busy with her outings & I busy with my studies.
It was really fun spending two days together with her. Gossip, Party & Outing. We use to do it together often last time. But not anymore when both of us are busy.

That day we went to 1u, Jess & Steven tagged along too (:
Sakae Sushi for Lunch & Vampire Suck for movie.
I rate it 6/10.
Not bad actually, it does laugh off my ass even thought I didn't watch Twilight. I do know whats going on basically, so I know whats so funny about :P

Some pictures before the movie !

Mua & April Jie (:

After the movie, camwhore a little in the toilet

Jess, Pril & Mel (:

After that, we went to shop around 1u since we have nothing much to do after the movie..

Topshop (:

Shop shop shop :PP

Like it :P

Padini Concept Store (:

We were playing around with the shades there xDD

It was a Friday night, so Mist was the place to party (:

Group pic.
Pamela, Me, Chin Lee, April & Valerie (:

Jie & Mui (:

It was a really awesome night (:
Never had this much fun after so long.
I think the last time I club was on June holiday..

Tomorrow I will be posting about the day after.
So stay tuned (:

Monday, August 16, 2010

I Love The Way You Lie

Sorry that I neglected my blog for so long.
Haiz. Not really in a mood now. Dont know why.
But everything seems fine this two weeks.
My leg is getting better (: hope there's no scar on it.

Anyway I shall just start blogging.
It was an awesome day to me. Enjoy it much !
I went Sunway Giza with Jean Yee, Debbie Koe and some friends there during evening.
Then I went to Cocobanana during night.
*sigh.. I really no mood. So I will not write much k?

This is Mr Birdiiee..
Nice guy that always accompany.

I thought so. Haiz.. Cant take nice picture recently.
Scroll down and have a look then you will know what i mean..

Try to take a group pic.
Anyway that is Christopher Goh. Thanks for fetching me (:

He asshole. Spoil my wife's picture :P

I'm Random (:

Debbie Koe.
My another wife (:

Both of my wife (:

ISH! Debbie is not a good photographer xDDD

After drop Jean home, I went Cocobanana with other bunch of friends (:

Really no mood.. Sorry /:

p.s : If you cant change him, you just have to change yourself.
What to do, You love him more than he love you.

Stay Tuned for more (:

Sunday, August 8, 2010

I ♥ Poreotics aka Poreotix !

Just like what my title say

♥ Them So Much ! (:
Hehehehehehe.. I wish they would come Malaysia to perform, I will definitely be the first one to be there and support them :D

Poreotics, also known as Poreotix, is an all-male dance crew from Westminster, California. The crew was formed in 2007 and specializes in popping, choreography and robotics, hence the name Po-reo-tics. They have performed in numerous hip hop dance competitions, most notably coming in 1st place in the USA division of the 2009 Hip-Hop Internationals and in other dance programs and competitions including the Vibe 15, FUSION X, Body Rock, and World Of Dance. On April 8, 2010, they were crowned the champions on the fifth season of America's Best Dance Crew.

They are known for their shaded, dark glasses, which they wear for all of their performances. As Jet-Li said, they wear the shades because it gives them character. When asked about it on the fifth season of America's Best Dance Crew, Can jokingly replied "well, it's because we are the Asian, and we have the small eye... so, and we like robot."

The members in Poreotics :

  1. Matt " Dumbo " Vin Quan Nguyen
  2. Charles Viet Nguyen
  3. Can Trong Nguyen
  4. Lawrence " Law " Bravo Devera
  5. Justin " Jet Li " Victor Valles
  6. Andrew-Chad Fausto Mayate
They are all Vietnamese, means they are Asians (: I'm so proud to be an asian. They made me proud for them.
I adores all of them especially Lawrence . He is so cuteeeeeee ! ! :D

Here's some video to share with you people out there. These videos down here are my favourite ones. You can go check out their video more through youtube.
Why am I so crazy over them?

Hahahaha. You people have to check out those videos and you will understand why (:

Love those videos ? Do support them & Love them like how I do (:
If you want to know more about them, click this links down here.
I will love you people if you love them :D

Poreotics Facebook Fan Page (:
Poreotics Page (:

Thank you !

Stay Tuned for more !

Thursday, August 5, 2010

I dont like to be emo !

Hello people (:
I think it will be a great idea if I update as much as I can now, because I dont know when will I have the mood to blog xD
Hmmm.. Like what my title say, I dont like to be emo.
Yes. Indeed. I really dont like to but sometimes I cant control my feelings and I will start updating all those emo post on my facebook wall /:
*sigh.. Because of my emo-ness, I dont get to sleep well. It does really bother me /:
I hate it when I cant get to sleep and I will ended up lying on the bed during the middle of the night and think all kinds of shit. This is how the emo starts -.-
I need some good night sleep. Really. I should start learning how to control my feelings ):

I shall stop the talking and talk about my post..
Another late post. This post should be posted during June.
My bad.. Lazy me ):

Anyway just another outing with my babe, Jolene Lim and her gang.
Went to this bar named Insomnia @ the opposite of Sunway Pyramid.
They decided to went there is because their friend is the DJ for the bar, they want to show some support (:
Hmmm.. The bar wasn't that bad, I dont understand why not much people goes there. LOL!

Anyway let pictures do the talking. I'm lazy to type (:

Mua & Jolene (:

Stay tuned for more (: