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Friday, September 10, 2010

I only believe in myself (:

Hellooooo! I'm back to my blog business (:
Talk about the recent me as what I did usual..
I was really unhappy for this moment, having sleepless night everyday..
Oh well, thanks to April Lee bringing me out everyday.. Somehow I could just let go the sadness for awhile, she is just trying her best to cheer me up tho. I appreciate that much :DD
I'm feeling pretty tired now & whole body is aching because I went Mist on Wednesday, dance really hardcore and Maison & Zouk on Thursday means yesterday.. LOL!

*sighh.. but the pain is still there. Dont know why it doesn't fade away /:

On this picture here is @ Old Town, Cheras Leisure Mall..
Well use to hang out around there often, but not that often anymore /:
Hmmmm.. dont ask why :P

My favourite drink (:
Dont really remember what's the name of it. Is some Hazelnut coffee..
Tasty much !

Spot the word on the cup..
Hahahaha. Just being random much :PP

Anyway I shall start blogging (:
Last week I went Pavilion with My Beloved Kai Kor - Lye Seng Mun..
Thanks alot Kor for helping me.
I'm glad to have you as my kor, I always wanted to have a kor..
So yea, you are the perfect one and a very good brother (;
I really treated him as a part of my family.
Hahahaha. Love you much kor !

F.Y.I : this is the reason why I'm at Pavilion with my Kor last week..
Hmmm.... /: but I do enjoy the outing much with my kor (:

Ish.. Not a good one /:
My chubby face !!
Btw, this is my kor lah (:

We went for dinner @ ss2 Wong Kok before headed to Pavilion..

I only eat this everytime I go Wong Kok ..
I just feel that there is noting much nice to eat there other than this xDD

Kai Kor sangat busy eh xD
Sorry ya for making you waited me for like half an hour to get ready..

After the dinner, headed to Pavilion straight for movie (:

Mua (:
Cant really take nice picture recently /:

Outfit of the day (:

Walk walk around Pavi..

Suddenly Kor have a really good suggestion.
He said lets drink Statbucks. Hahahaha.. Made me so happy.
I love to drink Starbucks (;

My Java Chip & Kor's Green Tea
Starbucks is LOVE !

Then we holding our drinks and walked around Pavilion..
At the same time, we are waiting for two more friends to come over..

Act Cool Ny xD

F.Y.I, my kor is kinda tall as you can see through this picture @@
He made me look so short ):

Once they reached Pavilion, we headed to this mexican restaurant since they haven't took their dinner yet..

Spot me if you can :P

This is Ah Di

This is Ines (:

Mui & Kor (:

I rate it 8/10
Is pretty hilarious, kinda like the story line tho (:
Is true on what they say that you will laugh from start till the end of the movie..

Done for this post (:
Stay tune for more..

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I hate that I love you so much..

April & Mua ((:

Where am I now?
April Lee's house. I was at her house since Sunday night.
Something really bad happen to me /: *sighhh..
But thanks to my April jie, comfort me & talk to me..
Well I do feel better.. hmmmm.. not really I guess )':
These few days in her house,
I eat, sleep, online, watch movie & emo /:
Once I wake up in the morning, I will start crying..
Haiz.. I just couldn't accept it, it just happen it on me suddenly..
*sighhh.. Why is this happening on me?
This world really disappoint me 99..
Now I'm feeling miserable & sad everyday /:
I couldn't get some sleep during night. I need to make myself feel really tired only I can get to sleep. So now my sleeping time is around 5 or 6 am everyday /:
Even tho how nice is it that friends around me comfort me, but I just couldn't feel any better..
Blame myself for being so stupid all this while. I'm trying my best to save it, I guess I'm just too naive..
*sighhh.......... )':

So yea about this post, April & I was being really random..
Just post it up to share some pictures about us when we were bored :PP

Even thought how much we been through together, no point I put myself in there hanging on since you dont want it anymore..
Goodbye.. I love you..

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Just do whatever you like :P

Just a short one :D

28 of August 2010..

The next day wake up at April's house around 2pm. I felt pretty tired because in the previous post I mention that I went Mist :P
April & I dolled up our self and headed to 1u for brunch ( breakfast & lunch ).
What we ate? Nandos :DDD YUM!
After walking around 1u, headed to Asscort Hotel at KL for a friend's birthday party. No pictures for the party, but April has it. I didn't stay long for the party, I went to Maison on that night too. Not bad after all, met some friends there.

Lisa :D

Carlson :D

The Love Birds (:

I have really lots of fun staying over April's house (:
I guess I will be staying her house again on the coming Friday. Raya holiday wert :PP

Stay tune for more..