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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Birthday Bash @ Milk Club

Yesterday was Mr Gary Tan aka Iggy's Birthday Celebration at Milk Club.
Once again..

Happy Early Birthday Gary! (:

Well.. His birthday is on Nov 2 but he decide to celebrate it earlier.. Hmmm.. I guess is because no one would ever step into the club on Monday or Tuesday night? Lol..
Anyway what a night we have, happening much. Bumped into some familiar faces there (;
Some of them was kinda surprising to see them there !

Anyway I will start my blogging now !

Before going out. I'm such a vain bitch ! Camwhore ~

Yesterday went to 1u to wait for Mr Gary Tan to finish work because he will be the one fetching me to Milk Club. So nice of him to treat us dinner even tho he will be paying lots of money for the bottles

Should know where am I having dinner..
Yes, at Sakae Sushi. My favourite (:

Mr Gary Tan (;

This is Joe, Chang Yew Joe
Looks familiar?
He is one of the contestant in Astro Star Quest 2010. The singing competition on Astro Wah Lai Toi

Mushroom Udon

Mentaiko Toufu
Is a must to eat when you visit Sakae Sushi! My Favourite (:

After the dinner and wait for them to get prepare. The birthday boy need to dress up, lol~
Reach Milk around 11something. Yesterday Mist & Milk : Full house. Dam pack !

The Birthday Boy (:

Colwyn Lai (:

Jay & Cyndi (:

Joe (:

Colwyn & Gary (:
Hahaha.. Fucking drunk dy. See cant even stand properly, need people to hold him xD

Colwyn & Joe (:

Fuiyoohhh (:

aiyooooorr xDD


Everyone is having so much fun..

Gary Tan K.O

Cham... /:



See the crowd..
Even Milk is not as big as Mist but is kinda fun tho (:
The music was awesome !

Before I end my post :

Happy Halloween People ! (:
I guess alot of people dress up for Halloween.. Devil? Angel? Nurse? Lol~
And alot of people enjoy their night in club like G6, Mist, Maison or Zouk or have thier own halloween party at home (: Next year I must try dress up once for Halloween !

Stay tuned for more

Friday, October 29, 2010

Goodbye To My Secondary School Life ):

Yesterday was my school graduation day (:
All the form 5 students were ask to wore in formal, dress up nicely. Boys with the tie on and girls with the heels on. Girls are allow to put on light make up. Woooooots~ I was pretty exciting for this graduation day. First time get to doll up myself without wearing the school uniform to school. Awe~ some ! ! Heh! (:
It was pretty fun yet tiring. I woke up at 5 just to make sure I got enough time to doll up myself, I want to look nice wert :P

I always thought that school was pretty awful for the past few years, when I was standard 1. I hate going to school ! Need to wake up early, wore the ugly uniform, long socks, tie up my hair... bla bla bla.. DISLIKE it so much ~!
But.. I love my form 4 & 5 life, because I was lucky to be in this class - 5 Meranti. Everyday come into the class, everyone will be like shouting each others name. I always love it when they will come to me and ask me why was I absent yesterday. Lol ! You know, we are like a really big family. Aiks~ Love this class so much..

I thought I will be crying on the graduation day, but I didn't. These secondary school life memories will always kept in my mind. I guess I will be missing it pretty much after spm ends. No more waking up early, no more school uniform and long socks, no more discipline teacher, no more carrying heavy school bags & no more monday assembly /: *sigh*

Okay, I shall start blogging :P

28 of October 2010
Smk Damansara Utama's Graduation Day

Everyone is busy putting on their robe..

I'm done putting on my robe.
Look so baggy! Is just too big for me.
I hate wearing the robe, makes me sweat so bad ):
Look at my sweaty hair, like I just got out from the bathroom *pfffffftt*

Try to took one nice pic of Wifey & Me
But fail !
Do I look like a professor? Lmao~ I know I dont :P

After everyone was done wearing on their robe, we were asked to step into the hall to start the graduation ceremony (:

Let the ceremony begun (:

The headmistress was giving a speech~
Hmmm.. Bored much, because our headmistress always never fail to give a really long speech lot during all the assembly.
Oh well let her be then since this will be last time I hear her talk so much to us /:

When the speech is still going on...

I camwhore :P
Credits to Luqman for taking this picture for me (:

Love this picture ~ (:
Credits to Hsu Zen
Thanks to Banjoo's DSLR

Yee Ling wants to take picture too ~ (:

Then the show time ~

They played us a videos about us.
They went into the class one by one for a video session, too bad I didn't came to school for the video session, couldn't be in the video ):
Anyway the video was finny much. I video it up dy, I guess I will be uploading it soon xD

After the video session ~

It was our students turn to step on the stage and take the scroll from our class teachers (;

It really tooks us awhile because every student from every class need to go up to the stage one by one.. I nearly fell asleep xD

After a long long time..

It was time to sing the graduation song.
Dont remember what is the name of the song. Is a english song..
They told me it was a pretty famous song for graduation. Hmmm... /: I never heard it before.

Of course we sang our school song too.
First time see everyone so semangat to sing our school song.
Oh well it is going to be our very last time to sing it so yea (:

My favourite moment has come. Its the photo session time.
Everyone was running everywhere in the hall to find the people to take some pretty pics! Of course this is the part I will never want to miss it. Okay no more talking, picture time ! (:

Angelene Teh Hui Ing (:

Luqman Hannan (:

Left to right : Zen, Jean, Debbie, Angelene, Me, Beatrice & Yee Ling (:

Koe, Beh & Jean (;
My girlfriend & wifeyyy ~

Ang Ban Joo (:

Jean Yee Wifey (;

Chin Ming Da (:

Jean, Jane & Me (;

Now.. Without the robe (;

Me & Wifey
Formal Bitches ! (:

Ryan Liu (:

Issac (:

Chun Kee (:
Spot Ming Da. Lol~ He likes to appear in everyone's picture picture :P

Serene Ho Sue Ann (:
Malaysia Next Top Model. Lol~ She dam fucking tall. She wore flats but she is still taller than me & the best part is i was wearing heels@@

Chan Kok Way (:
See what I mean.. Ming Da really loves to disturb around..

Chin Hao Yuan (:

Debbie Koe Qiu Xian (:

Chuah Yee Ling (:

Me, Linus & Morris (:

Gayithri (:

Kelly Chia Ai Lee (:

There's lots more picture, but is not with me. Oh well, more pictures coming from Facebook~ So check me out from my profile (: Tag, tag, tag !

Anyway after the graduation, went to 1u with the girls (:

Thanks to Debbie Koe who drove us there.
We tried to take a group pic, but FAIL!
Cant even see me ):

We decided to have lunch together at 1u.. At Paddington House Of Pancake (:

Yum yum~
Nice environments, nice food & nice smell (; Food smell i mean xD

Serene Ho, Euodia Ong & Arlene Wong (:

Christina Ng, Zai Lii & Debbie Koe (:

Last but not least ~
Jean Yee! Sexyyyy (:

Craving for some pancakes?
Come to Paddington. They serves really good pancakes (:

This is my favorite (;
Some dessert. Forget what is it called..
Is dam delicious, make me so tempting to want more for it ! ):

There is vanilla ice cream in it with strawberry syrup & nut as topping
Yummmmyyy ~!

See this quite little pancake (:
Ish~ So delicious !

Do visit Paddington House Of Pancakes (:
They dont only serve pancakes, they serve western food like steak, sausage, hash brown, bacon & more..

Anyway after lunch, shop around with my jean wifey at 1u.
This is how the day ends.
At last i want to say : I Love You 4/5 Meranti (;
I hope that we will still see each other often..

Stay Tuned for more..