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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Finally End !

20th of December 2010

This day is a day for all 5 merantians 2010 to remember. That day was our last paper for SPM - Economics (; And is only our class 5 Meranti take this paper. Weeeeee~ I finally smell freedom ! Yeah~ Oh well, everyone of us was so happy when we hand over our paper to the teacher !

But I feel kinda sad, because after that day, I can never get to be in a class with them, study together with them, joke together with them, play together with them and laugh together with them )': Everyone of us will be going on our own path, some might go overseas to study, some go to different colleges and some might have different plans. Is really hard for us to meet up again. But no matter how far everyone goes, I hope everyone in 5 Meranti will always remember that we are the 2010 5 Merantians and I love everyone of you all ! (: xoxo.

Some pictures here to share with you people. I guess if you're one of the 5 Merantians, this pictures might dig out lots of memories in your head :D Enjoy !

The last day of Spm !
Everyone is so happy ! :D

Yeah !

Who we are ?
We are the 5 Merantians ~ RAWR~ !
Dont play play (:

Spot some gaga-ness in the photo ?
It was quite a trend in our class..
I remember there was this few times, who ever start singing Poker Face, everyone sure sing along too (:

Jump Shot !
Okay.. We kinda fail. But it was fun ! :D

The Merantian Boys.
Yea. Is only few of them, but there's 3 or 4 of them were absent. Not a complete pic /:

The boy's jump shot !

Yea, We are like monkeys ! Noisy class ever ! :D

The smart ass in my class !
They study really hard but they also laugh really hard in class !
They are our teachers yet jokers too (:

This three fellas here are the real jokers.
Our class will be really quiet without them. But we all loves them to be around ! They bring alot of happiness to our class !

My babes in school !
Jean Yee, Debbie, Angelene, Yee Ling, Hsu Zen & Me !
I know I look like some onion. Whatever ! :P

What this picture about ?
Kempen Budi Bahasa !
We were asked to wear traditional clothes to school !
Satu Malaysia ! :D


This fella really Satu Malaysia !
Chinese, Malay and India also got :D

We Are Family !
Always the Happy Family !

I Love You People So Much ! Xoxo.

Sorry people. The pictures is kinda mix up, I didn't arrange it properly.
Oh well.. (:

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Bo Peep Bo Peep ! :DD

Helloooooooooooooo ~!
Back to blog.. (:
Its really good for those people that had already end their Spm ! Poor me still left one more paper ! )': But nevermind. Very soon it will be my turn ! 22th of Dec will be my last day of Spm ! (:
I've been going out and club really hardcore recently.. Pavilion, 1u, Zouk, Mist & @live.
Woooooooooots ~ Pretty tired & exhausting but I had lots of fun ! I guess after I end my paper, more fun is coming up.. Cant wait (:
But after those outings and clubs, I fall sick ):
Sore throat + Flu + Cough. So unlucky me ! Dont like the sick feeling.. Please let me recover back as soon as possible ! I want to eat my favourite food ! No porridge, no bread for me please )':

Anyway here's another post about a day at Pavilion !

Wednesday - 15th of December 2010

I went Pavilion with April Jie & Jimmy ! (; Went all the way there just to watch movie. The movie for the day is Narnia ! I rate it 7/ 10. It was a pretty good movie ! Must watch !

What attracts me more about a shopping mall now ?
Is their Christmas Deco ! Pavilion one was pretty nice !

I wish I can see, touch and feel the real snow ! (;

Such a poser aren't we :P

Mr. J, Me & Miss A (;

The snow white Jie (;
She is always that fair !

After walking around and chilling at Starbucks..
What is the awesome part of that night .. ?

I get to watch Narnia in Gold Class ! Awesomeeeee ~ :DD
There's some pictures down here to show you around..

*wink wink*

What is he trying to do?
He is trying to be a professional photographer to took a nice pictures for us..
But.. he kindly FAIL :P
Got the pose ny ! xDD

Smileeeeee ~!
Credits to him for this pic !

Gold Class ~!
They provide us blankets in there, you can also adjust your sit so you can put your leg up and lie down on the chair to enjoy the whole movie !
You want any snacks or drinks ?
Just ring the bell beside you, they will come to you and serve you (:

It costs us rm55 for per person, but is totally worth ! :D

You know I love you ! (:

Monday, December 13, 2010

I'm a Dreamer (;

Hello To My Dear Readers (;
Wonder that are you guys doing fine there. Hope you guys do because I want to make sure none of my friend will leave this world suddenly without my noticing !
Well, I only left one more paper - economics which is next week Mon. But apparently it seems that I already end my paper long time ago, I already enjoying my life without schooling xD

Today I'm going to blog about a day at Sunway Pyramid ! (:

Sunday - 12th of Dec 2010

I went to Sunway Pyramid with Mr Eddy Fong (: I think the last time I went to Sunway Pyramid it was on my birthday. Wow~ 4 months never been there dy :X

Like what I mention in my previous post, Christmas is coming real soon ! Is a confirm for every shopping mall to have Christmas Deco. Lets see decoration at Sunway Pyramid.

I still prefer 1u one :P

But I like this crystal ball ! Spot the penguin ! Shooooo cute ~

While walking around Sunway Pyramind..

I found this !
Dessert for me after some walk :P

What dessert I found .. ?
Kindori, Japanese Ice Cream !

This is Matcha Flavour ~ is actually Green Tea but they called it Matcha
No. 1 flavour in Japan..
I love to drink green tea but I never like to eat anything that is green tea flavour.
First time I eating this flavour & I'm loving it ! (;

This is Mr Eddy Fong !

Me with my Matcha :D
Yum yum yum~

Ice Cream Lover do give a try kay? (:
Kindori have two outlet, one is at Times Square 3rd Floor in front of the Gsc Cinema & Sunway Pyramind LG Floor..

After a long walk at Sunway Pyramid, Mr Eddy Fong is hungry so I decide to bring him to my favourite Japanese restaurant for dinner..

This is the Japanese restaurant that I always love to dine in.
Never fail to go there whenever I'm at Sunway Pyramid.

Well, as usual..
Green Tea is the best match for Japanese Meal (:
Hot & Cold !

My dinner - Terriyaki Chicken Don (:
I rate it 8.5/10

Eddy Fong's dinner - Some Salmon set.
He rate it tasty :P

After walking the whole Sunway Pyramind, I discovered a really nice shop there (:

This is the nice shop I discovered~
Okashi Candy House !
Full of candies and chocolates in the house :DD

Spot those colourful sweets (:
Weeeeeeeee~! Eat till your teeth drop :p
Imagine if the glass break, I guess I will be standing and open my mouth wide big to let it fall into my mouth xD

Chocolates ~

Lollipops ~

Plaster Chocolate with mint flavour

Special chocolate design.
Strawberry & Chocolate Flavour Condoms ~

Cotton Candy with sanitary pad packaging !
Dare you boys to eat it :P

Pens ~

Spongebob Squarepants ~

See those two lollipops..
Heart Shape Lollipops ~
I like I like !

See that Lollipop ?
The largest lollipop in the shop !
Can you finish it in a day by yourself? @@

Btw, I want to thank Mr Eddy Fong for bought me something from Okashi Candy House !

So many different kinds of sweet in it !
Thanks alot Eddy ! (;
They call it 6 in 1 Candy
There is 6 different sweets in this box.

Like it?
Go get it at Sunway Pyramid !
Its only cost for rm19.90

Then, we headed to Sunway Giza to meet up with the groups around 9smth..

A picture of myself !
Took it while on the way to Sunway Giza

I guess I'm in love with Christmas Tree (;
I really love Christmas ~
Cant wait for Christmas to come..