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Monday, June 28, 2010

To you is a Waste of time , but for me it Worth alot (:

26th of June 2010

Another day for me to remember.
But I cannot forget how tired am I that day, reached home at 3am but slept at 5 due removing my make up and bathe. Wake up at 4 in the afternoon xD

Where am I ?
Kim Gary @ The Curve

Wanjie Babe (:
Went out with her, Yeo Jeong, Jean Yee & Edward.

I didn't ate my lunch at Kim Gary because I dont know what to eat there & the menu is just as same as Wong Kok. Sien. Zzzz..

I'm a big fan of Mcdonalds & my current favourite is Fillet O' Fish.
I only eat McChicken because I hated seafood, but once I started eating since last year, Fillet O' Fish is my favourite till now (:

Just a random picture.
Because it is in pink & I like the packaging
Pink is Love (:
F.Y.I : I aint a smoker. People that knows me knows that I dont like and I dont smoke (:

She is shooooo cute right ? (:

Grouping Picture.
Perfect much (:

Walk around The Curve, & there is some dancing & rapping competition at Cinileisure.
I dont really like to come Curve, because nothing much to do other than shopping.
But no $ no talk :XX

Some camwhore picture since we are kinda bored (:

Then we decide to left Curve and we headed to go 1u awhile (:

Mua (:

Edward Chan (:

My pretty babe (:

Jetty @ 1u

Then I headed back home around 6 something since I was kinda tired..

Can you guys spot the jam ?

Anyway had some outing on the night, but no pictures :X
What a day (; I like I like ! xD

Stay tuned for more (:

Thursday, June 24, 2010

There's No Getting Over You ♥

I'm a really big fan of David Guetta.
Songs that choreograph by him is soooo effing awesome.
I wish he could come Malaysia. I will absolutely go his rave party (:
Party people sure always get to listen his songs in club like Love Is Gone, Day N Night, One Love & etc.
The video I post it below here is my current favourite.
Is sooooooooooooo effing nice. Loving it :D

♥ this song and video so much.
Must watch (:

Must check it out ! (:
Highly recommend.

Xoxo ~

I Gotta Feeling (:

Talk about today..
I didn't sleep whole night. Well I usually fell asleep during 11, but awake at 2something.
Started talking with someone whole night. Talk since 2am to 6something.
And by the time i end the conversation, I was about to get ready for school. Can you imagine how tired am I?
but its okay (: hehe.
Some of the teachers were pretty busy today so I get to sleep awhile since they are not coming into the class :D Lucky me !

About this post,
If you used to read my blog, you should know how I used to modify my phone and camera.
So now I will show the new ' clothes' that I wore for my phone (:

The Original Look

After modifying it...

Tadaaaaaaaa :D
What do you think about it?

I did it at ss2 pasar malam.
It comes with the cover together, so they will stick it on the cover. That will keep your phone being ugly if you decide to take it off.
You can choose the design you want. The price is depends on your phone model.
Mine cost for rm30.
Kinda worth it because I like how it comes out.
You might think that I should just buy the sticker myself and do it myself so is much more cheaper.
But I think they do it better than me xD

Maybe soon will change new 'outfit' for my phone again xD


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I'm so in love with you (:

Yes. I'm in love with this man.
I love him to the max.
Everytime when I listen to his voice, he can totally blow my mind up and make me start dancing. Woooooooot (:

He will start making me Krazy, then my body will want to Move Shake Drop.
I want to whisper in his ears and say : I know you want me
But he straight away give me Hotel Room Service.
Its totally Outta Control.
And I cant stop scolding Watagatapitusberry (:

Who is him ?

He is my man - Pitbull

Hot hot hot (:
I like !

Sooooo effing handsome !
He is killing me now ! !

I dont know when I started admire him.
But I just cant help it to shout out loud whenever I see his face and listen to his songs.
His songs is always club hits.
I love you Pitbull !
Xoxo ~

A very funny song.
He is shooooo cute in this MV (:

Must listen to this two songs k?
Is a really nice song.
Highly recommend !
Do support him like how I do.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I'll never let you down (:

Just a short post for today.
School starts dy, so dont really have much time for outing.
So will be blogging lesser and lesser, is really not a good thing tho /:

Just some picture about that day I club in Mist (:
Recently always go there to club dy especially Friday !
So party people should check out this place, not bad not bad :DD

* dont know why the pictures are so small. Well if you are that free, click on the picture so you can see it more clearly. Stupid photo edit /: *

Will update more soon. Feeling sleepy now because is already 2 am and I have school tomorrow /:


Random one (:

Miss this bitch so much (:
My Pril Pril !
Like to talk to her so much, our topic will never end when we started a conversation :D

Random much eh? xDD
Anyway I hope that she could stop being so emo about her life, I dont like to see her sad face ):

Love you !

Monday, June 21, 2010

Hello new (:

I'll just start blogging here, so I wont lost any of my layout (:

Will update my blog real soon.
Maybe later or tomorrow.
Stay tuned !

p.s : remind me to link you ya if I left out (: bad memories I have.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Just a new try (:

Do you think this layout is better or the old one? (:
I'm using this blog to try out some layout for my blog.
Or maybe.. I should start blogging here?
Give me some comment please.
I need some idea !
thank you !

if you want to view my original one. here's the link