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Friday, November 26, 2010

Spm is killling me !!

3 papers down, 6 papers more to go.
Luckily no more history because I really hate that subject so much.
Anyway good luck good luck to all Form 5 students ! (:
Selamat Menjawap.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Take It Or Leave It

Here's another new update.
Better post it because there will be no update for a month due to my Spm.. Spm is on the next week Tuesday, I'm DOOM ! ):
The best part is I'm not even studying for it you know, GG! ): I only left 6days to prepare? /: *gulp* FML !!

Anyway gonna start my post..

15th November 2010
I went to Sg Wang & Times Square with My Iggy Baba (: We took LRT & Monorail to there.

Took LRT from Taman Bahagia Station to KL Central (;
The last time I took LRT was two months ago if I have not mistaken..

Can see the rain drops on the glass ? Lucky us, manage to get into the LRT before the rain starts.

In the Monorail.
From KL Central to Bukit Bintang.. Sg Wang, here we come ! Heh :D

First thing we do when we reach Sg Wang is to have our lunch at T-Bowl (:
Because Iggy Baba haven't ate anything yet since morning.. He is dam hungry till he dont even feel like talking. So basically I was talking to myself most of the time because he doesn't reply me -.-

Special Concept they have (;
The menu so cute !

Dine in in the bathroom? Lol~
Unique design (;

Hahaha, sit on the toilet bowl and enjoy your meal. Interesting much? (:

Rawr~ Melissa Beh in the house (;

My Iggy Baba (;

This drink suck so bad. No joke /:

But.. This dessert here, I rate it 7/10.
I dont like the nuts and hazelnut in it, taste YUCKY & If I eat it, it will make me grow more pimple. There is no way I'm gonna swallow it :P

My dessert of the day. Yum (;

He kindly destroy it /: Ewww~ :P

Iggy Baba said this dish is nice (; I know its at the western section, forget what is the name of it @@

After walking around at Sg Wang, we went to Times Square (;
We were pretty tired actually because we slept at 7 in the morning on the day before. Lol~
So we decided to take some time to chill at Starbucks. My favourite !

Starbucks @ Times Square

The view from the top.

Enjoying my Java Chip (:
Guess what, I'm addicted to Starbucks, BADLY! :X

Iggy Baba busy with his Iphone..

Of course not forget to have some camwhore session~

Take 1

Take 2
Iguana VS Dinosaur.
( I know it is so random~ ! Lol )

Take 3
We see you xD

Random me to take those photos below here. But the tree decoration is nice :P

Omg! So fast a year is ending real soon. Christmas is just 1 month away @@

After a little walk around Times Square, we headed to Sg Wang to have our dinner & Iggy Baba wants to get a new shoe for himself..

This picture already shows you where am I having my dinner :P

Iggy Baba is Kim Gary's Regular Customer eh.
He said that Kim Gary's food is better than Wong Kok. But to me, both of their concept is like almost the same, no difference at all. Maybe a little on the menu but not much ! :P

I dont know what is the name of this dish, but guess what it taste so good.
I rate it 9/10. The only thing I know about this dish is the coconut curry milk. The curry taste so nice ! ! But is my Iggy Baba's dinner. Told you he is the regular customer there :P

My dinner of the day - Egg Fu Yong Rice
Not bad not bad. I rate it 7.5/10

This is some Vitagen Ice Blended Drink.
I rate it 7/10. I like the taste because is Vitagen ! -.-

Last but not least.
A picture of myself. Normally I come to Wong Kok or Kim Gary, I will confirm order their milk tea ( si mat nai cha ). Although the food may be better, but I still prefer the milk tea from Wong Kok :P

Anyway it was a pretty fun day, but I'm totally exhausted after this long walk.

Stay Tuned For More.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Life Would Suck Without You (;

I very active in my blog right recently ?
Haha, I guess I should because I dont think I will be updating my blog for a month due to my Spm ): *sigh* I feel so nervous, left 1week and 2days more. Panic like shit man -.-
Everyone is busy studying, but me.. Aiks~ Is true that I was at home all this while, but I study Facebook, still counted as book right. But the subject that will lead me to the fail path. FML -.-
Aiks~ I'm so doom, really doom this time /:

Anyway just a short update about yesterday.
Few hours back I was at My Wifey's House (: Planned the day before to go her house for some study session. But unfortunately, the study plan FAIL as usual..
We just couldn't study when we are together. We will non stop talking, gossiping & playing. Geeez~ But I will be going again to her house for study session & this time is serious time :P
I was pretty tired when I reach her house, I ended up lying on her bed all the time & I fall asleep -.-

Of course, not forget to have some camwhore session (:
Me likey this picture !

She Camera Shy ~

I still taking picture while she's already half way to her dreamland.
Love you Bitch ! (:

My Sexy Wife :D

A best friend like her, I would change her for anything just to have her around me.
Tung Jean Yee, Best Friend For Life aite ? (:
You know how much we love each other ! I cant wait to see you real soon.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Time Flies Like An Arrow (:

Hello People (:
My blogging mood recently just turn on, so feel like stopping by and do a little sharing.
I haven't been going out since Tuesday, I'm already at home for 3 days. *claps* Melissa Beh is being a good girl now ! :P

Oh well, what would I like to share today?
Haha.. My old time pictures :D

I was like looking thru my photo albums, it reminds me so much about my old times. Miss those happy moments. I was smiling all the time while looking thru the photos. There's so many memories in just one photo. Haiz.. I guess time past, everyone change uh? I'm no more the two years ago me, those photos reminds me all the ridiculous, childish and funny things I done in the past. Gosh~ How can I be so naive that time. Lol!

Anyway lets go thru the pictures (:

I guess I took this photo last year Jan or Feb ? Cant really remember /:
My hair used to be dam short. I already started keeping back my long hair in this photo. Dont have pictures of my short hair, kinda lost it ):

Ah Gan & I
I still remember this photo was taken during form 3 (:
He was working at Dc Tribe as the supervisor there. We were pretty close that time. He is like my brother, always take care of me. Last year I remember I used to hang out with him alot. But he already got new girlfriend dy, forget about me this ah mui lo ):

Angelene Teh & I
Hahahaha. That time we were The Pink Pussy Cat Bitches :D
I miss those working time moment. I remember we used to turn on the volume real loud and dance in the shop. LMAO~ I still remember our favourite song - In The Ayer !

I remember this was last year dont know which month, I went Sunway Pyramid with April Lee, Lye Sin Toong & Ah Ci. If I'm not mistaken, that day was April & Ah Ci's one month anniversary & Ah Ci was sick. He was force to came out because April Lee wants to celebrate it no matter what. LOL!

Forever 21 @ Sunway Pyramid

This was taken last year @ Times Square.
We used to always go Times Square & Sungai Wang alot last year.
But not anymore. Once in awhile we will still go there to do some shopping (:

This picture I remember the most. It was taken on 10th July 2009.
Why I remember it so clearly?
Because that day was the first time I stepped into Poppy ! That was the third time I clubbed.
The first club I went was Barcelona @ Sunway Pyramid with this bitch :P I remember the next day was labour day and that was the first time I club !

This one was last year too.
We went Supper Club @ Mont Kiara and that day was Carlson Choo's birthday party too. This is also how I know my Lisa Jie (:

This was taken by last year holiday. Around Sept I guess if I'm not mistaken.
Compare to picture up there just now.
Any much different of Angelene & Me?
Guess not /:

This picture was taken this year Chinese New Year / Valentine Day (:
I was at my hometown, Johor. I'm in some shopping mall trying out some clothes, randomly took this picture of myself.

After those old time pictures, the pictures below here is all taken in this year & recently. Just to share it out, some you might seen in before in my facebook or blog .

Wanjie & I
I remember that day was my second time going out with her.
It was few days before her birthday.

I guess this girl right here need no me to introduce right?
My wifey ! (:
Oh well, after the fights we had two years ago, we are even more best friend than just a best friend. We are like girlfriend boyfriend & we love each other so much!

My Eevon Jie (:
Love her so much!
We went Mist together on the Wednesday night I guess. Dont remember. Is either Thursday or Wednesday @@ I think is two or three weeks ago? or a month ago? I dont really remember.

See how much we change?
I guess I didn't really change much, but April Lee yes!
Look at her blonde hair. She used to have long black hair last time but not anymore !

Ignore my mouth ~ I dont know why am I doing that when I took this picture @@

Oh well, I guess other than my hair style, I didn't really change much in this 2, 3 years /:
I dont care! I'm going to dye my hair and change my hair style after my spm. I want to give myself a total transform (:

Anyway I done with my post !
Stay tuned for more..