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Saturday, July 17, 2010

I want to be pampered (:

Hello people, I'm back to blog (;
Been kinda lazy these few days.
I dont think I will be blogging that often because I want to concentrate on my studies. SPM is coming soon /: * Gulps*
Seldom see my naked face eh? xDD
So pale /:
What am I going to share with you people today?
Hehehehehe. Is just a short tutorial about make up. I hope it helps (:
I love to dolled up myself. People who reads my blog knows this.
Almost all the pictures is with make up. Hmmmm.. maybe all -.-
I also love to learn new things about make up.
I might consider studying make up, but alot of people tell me not to /:
But I really love to do make up !

Does my picture scare you?
Hope not.
Spot the difference.
Before and after.

Do you want to see the full one? Scroll down (:

Now let me teach you how I did it.
These are the eyeshadow colours I used - Kate Eyeshadow
Need no eyeliner, because i used the (d) as the eyeliner.
Its only done with eyeshadow.
F.Y.I : You can used your own black or grey coloured eye shadow, doesn't need to used the same eyeshadow as mine. Up to you, your own preference

Below this are two pictures to show steps to apply the eyeshadows..

After following all the steps,

this is what you get..

Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !

I didn't apply mascara, so is better if you do. Will make this eye make up perfect !
I hope you like it, first time doing it (:
For people that knows me well, I dont apply eye shadow in my make up.
Can say this is my first time putting it.
I was just kinda bored at times, so feel like trying something new on my make up.
Hope you people enjoy reading it & do try it out aite !


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Why cant happy moments stay longer? /:

Happy birthday to Me (:

It should be yesterday due to the date I blog :P
But I still want to wish myself tho. Last but not least ! !
Thanks for the wishes from all the people, best friend and babes.
Sorry if I didn't reply your wish because there is too much to reply.
I really appreciate the wishes from you people.

Now, I'm going to blog about my birthday celebration.
Just have a simple lunch with my besties because I dont really like celebrate it in club or maybe throw a really big party (:
I love my this year celebration. Enjoy it much !
What a perfect nice day ! :D I will remember it forever !

7th of July 2010

I skipped school on that day because I want to dolled up myself. Is my big day right? :P
And because my friends cant stay for long so if I went for school, I dont have the time to dolled up :P
My birthday is more important ! Once a year wert xD
I went to have lunch @ Nando, Tropicana City Mall with my besties in school (:

Hsu Zen & Angelene Teh

Chuah Yee Ling (:
Three of them are super big fan of Super Junior !

Of course there's some picture with them (:

My Lunch of the day (:
Yum Yum!

Is so kind of Zen for helping me to cut the chicken.
I always need someone to help me out to cut it xD
If no one helps me, I guess I will use up more than an hour to finish this meal

They have to leave earlier, good girl wert (:
So I change another place with my other babes since they couldn't make it to Tropicana City Mall before my friends left..

Guess where I went next ? xD
Need no me to introduce right (: It shows it in the picture so obvious dy.

Sunway Pyramid ! (:
Long time never skate dy. I think the last time I skate was last year @@
I cant skate well even though I skate for few times dy /:
Anyone willing to teach me? (:

Here's the place we have our lunch !
A really nice environment (:

My NO.1 Super Best Friend - April Lee (:
Thanks for coming babe !

Jean wifey is there too !

My birthday cake (:
Thanks alot mummy ! I Love You !
Is a really simple fruit cake but the taste is EXCELLENT !
Is a homemade cake by my cousin.
My cousin sells cake. Any interest to order one can contact me up (:

Mr Edward Chan is in the house too.
He cant wait to eat the cake ! Fatty ! xDD

The spaghetti there was delicious but not the one that April ordered.
So she end up do this to her food.
Hahahahaa. Shoooo cute (:

After the meal, decided to walked around the shop..

You can do some shopping there too other than dine in (:
Clothes for male & female, accessories, bags and moreeeeeeee !

Nerdy Chan !

Nerdy Beh :PP
I know I looks pretty retarded

Nerdy fashion attack :P


Favourite Picture of the day (;

We left Sunway around 6 and headed to 1u for movie since the theater there kinda suck.
Oh no ! Spotted the jam in the picture ? and it is still raining out there. I dont like /:

Nevermind, Camwhore will killed the bored-ness :PP

Take one (:

Take 2

Take 3
Current Fb Profile Picture !

Jean Babe (:

Spot Pril pril :P

*wink wink* Love you !

We finally reached 1u around 7 but is still raining and the road is still jam. GOSH /:

After we reached there and bought the movie ticket, I decided to have dinner at Sakae Sushi (:

Was actually trying to take a picture but April talked to me, so this picture was ruined -.-
But I like i like, still look nice (:

Beh & Pril (:

My All Time Favourite - Mentai Toufu
Highly Recommended. Is Effffffing Tasty. No Joke (:

Watch Knight & Day by Tom Cruise & Cameron Diaz
I rate it 5.5/10
Dont really like the movie );

Anyway I have a really awesome day with them!
Thanks alot ! (: