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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Im so ANGRY !

Hellooooooooo ! (:
Just another short update aite.
There's something I would really love to share.
Are you a Iphone user ?
Even you're not, do you ever play Iphone games?
If you do, you should know a game call ANGRY BIRD !
I love to play that game. You need to use the birds to aim on the bricks and pigs to shoot them down. The less bird you use, the higher score you will get.

So what am I gonna share about it today ? (:
Do you love to eat cakes ? HAHA. I bet most of the people loves cake.
What I am going to share now is..
Not only they have games for it, now they even have cake design of ANGRY BIRDS !
here are some pixie to share with you guys !

This cake is even PLAYABLE version.
Cool eh?
Check it this video out on Youtube (:

Angry Birds Cupcakes !

Those cakes are so loveable, aren't they ? :DD
I want to have one too for my birthday. But I dont know where can I get one xD
I want the playable one xD since everyone enjoys throwing cakes to each other right :P


Monday, February 21, 2011

Because of you

Booooo~! Now is 5.14am and Im still awake xD
Actually I slept around 11pm, due to my stomach problem Im awake.
I only ate one meal on the day before, so was pretty hungry. Need some food if not I cant sleep.
Thanks to my lovely Jay Kor brought me out for supper with his friends !
After supper, I dont think is a good idea to sleep. FAT ! Im already dam fat so.. HAHA.
Im bored too so decide to write a little things to update my blog (:

To this "Asshole" :
Because of what you did and what you say, you totally make me realize that when a person want something, the person can do anything and say anything just to get it. But I really want to tell you that people have feelings, people love you. Dont play with their love please. Just because you know they love you, but dont use their love. Btw, dont say something you dont really mean it, people might take it serious.
Oh ya, there's a word that I think is so true. That is - once a liar, forever a liar.
Lying is just smth in you, you know. You just cant change it. Once you start lying, you will need to use another lies to cover the first one and another one to cover the another lies & it will never end. Just because you know there's alot of kind people in this world would willing to give you a chance, but please appreciate that chance and stop lying. You make people sick of you ! RAWR~
Now you may fuck off. Kthxbye ! (:

F.Y.I : Im sick of lies and sweet talks. Cant you guys have something new? Zzz..

Okay, Im done with my complains (:

This is my TWITTER !
My new channel wallpaper !
Im Lovin It *wink wink* (:

Follow me on twitter peeps !


Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Is Under The Sky ! (;

Hey peeps ! (;
Second post for this year ! Im trying to be more active on my blog !
But anyway just a short update!
Firstly I would like to wish everyone..

Happy Valentines Day ! :D

I guess mostly of them have a great one with their love one
Im so jealous. Whenever I go, I can see alot of couples, holding hand and wearing the same Tee or couple Tee. Some even holding teddy bears, flowers or chocolate..
Even tho I dont have a great one on Valentines Day, but I attended an event at Sanctuary, The Curve that organize by my friend. That event is only for single people like me to celebrate Single Valentines Day ! It was kinda happening, but it was pretty fuck up for me. Nearly cry in the club and nearly K.O ! LOL!

Me Love Roses Alot !
But sadly this year I got nothing for Valentines Day ):
I remember the last time I receive roses is two years ago..
I wish the next year Valentines Day I can get at least a rose xD

Anyway talk about my Valentines Day. Im glad that I have my wifey to celebrate with during afternoon (;
We went 1u for shopping and movie !

I Love You So Much Wifey ! (:
Can you see our head in this photo forms a heart shape? Hehe.

Watch this movie with wifey !
I Love HK is a really great movie. Compare to the last year's chinese new year movie - 72 Tenants Of Prosperity, this one is so much better ! (:
I rate it 8/10. Must watch must watch.

Before we start our movie, bumped into one of my babe, Amanda Chong ! (;
She and her boyfriend are so sweet, make me jealous-nya ! ):

Before I end my post, just want to say that you dont need to wait till special ocassion only give your love one a surprises or present ! Treat your love one good in every single day, let them feels that Valentines Day is just like another day because their love one make them feels like Valentines Day everyday ! :D