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Monday, February 21, 2011

Because of you

Booooo~! Now is 5.14am and Im still awake xD
Actually I slept around 11pm, due to my stomach problem Im awake.
I only ate one meal on the day before, so was pretty hungry. Need some food if not I cant sleep.
Thanks to my lovely Jay Kor brought me out for supper with his friends !
After supper, I dont think is a good idea to sleep. FAT ! Im already dam fat so.. HAHA.
Im bored too so decide to write a little things to update my blog (:

To this "Asshole" :
Because of what you did and what you say, you totally make me realize that when a person want something, the person can do anything and say anything just to get it. But I really want to tell you that people have feelings, people love you. Dont play with their love please. Just because you know they love you, but dont use their love. Btw, dont say something you dont really mean it, people might take it serious.
Oh ya, there's a word that I think is so true. That is - once a liar, forever a liar.
Lying is just smth in you, you know. You just cant change it. Once you start lying, you will need to use another lies to cover the first one and another one to cover the another lies & it will never end. Just because you know there's alot of kind people in this world would willing to give you a chance, but please appreciate that chance and stop lying. You make people sick of you ! RAWR~
Now you may fuck off. Kthxbye ! (:

F.Y.I : Im sick of lies and sweet talks. Cant you guys have something new? Zzz..

Okay, Im done with my complains (:

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Im Lovin It *wink wink* (:

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