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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Welcome 2011 & Goodbye to 2010

Hello Peeps !
Oh My.. My blog is full of dust.
Due to my laziness, I already never blog for like 2 months ? Lol !
Well.. Im still alive (:
If you people are one of my friend on facebook or followers on twitter, you should know Im still pretty active. But not on blogging.
I miss those blogging days, share this and that. HAHA !
See my photo and compare to others post. Notice that my hair style has change a lil eh?
Actually in facebook have alots of picture of my new hair, just not on my blog xD My bad for not updating my blog.

Hmmm.. Today I got back my blogging mood. I have alots to update, really..
But Im dam lazy to edit all those picture nicely, there's too many of it. I already editing it for 2 hours but still not complete yet. So I GIVE UP -.-
but I still feel like writing something in here, so my blog doesn't seems so dead ! :D

I always in a emo mood. 24/7 never change.
Well.. not really. Because there's always the someone will cheer me up ! For exmaple : My wifey (: Hehe. Currently updating my blog in her house and she is dead sleeping while Im so freaking awake -.-

First post for the new year ! Dont really enjoy it much eh?
Will update more real soon ! (:

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