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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Im so ANGRY !

Hellooooooooo ! (:
Just another short update aite.
There's something I would really love to share.
Are you a Iphone user ?
Even you're not, do you ever play Iphone games?
If you do, you should know a game call ANGRY BIRD !
I love to play that game. You need to use the birds to aim on the bricks and pigs to shoot them down. The less bird you use, the higher score you will get.

So what am I gonna share about it today ? (:
Do you love to eat cakes ? HAHA. I bet most of the people loves cake.
What I am going to share now is..
Not only they have games for it, now they even have cake design of ANGRY BIRDS !
here are some pixie to share with you guys !

This cake is even PLAYABLE version.
Cool eh?
Check it this video out on Youtube (:

Angry Birds Cupcakes !

Those cakes are so loveable, aren't they ? :DD
I want to have one too for my birthday. But I dont know where can I get one xD
I want the playable one xD since everyone enjoys throwing cakes to each other right :P


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